Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Exorbitant Service Fees & Complex Websites

Friday 21st June 2019
The uncertainty of investing in a website, the complexity in design and setting up networking tools for communicating our business, associations, ngo's, services etc. is far too overwhelming for ‘Joe Soap’ and 'John Doe'.

Unfortunately, and because of the complexity, not to mention the exorbitant fees involved, we neglect to take advantage of the tremendous exposure that the world wide web and internet affords us. As a result, our business's are stifled and our expansion and growth inhibited, allowing our competitors the edge! 

Through webswillwork gone are the days of this complexity and the exorbitant fees.We will set up a website for you that you can edit by logging into your website and posting 'this months special' or 'Breaking News' or merely updating your price list. Have a look at our low financials for a new website by clicking here.