Admin Control

Administrative (Company) Control Centre (ACC)

Run your entire company from your desktop at the push of a button - instantaneously access and expedite those important and essential and critical files, folders and tasks that you need to run your business on a daily basis - smoothly, professionally and efficiently!

The ACC package is remarkably and effectively push button friendly affording you instant access to all essential and critical files and folders that you frustratingly looked for in the past. Now, your invoice goes out within seconds, your quotation too and perfectly logged for you to monitor and follow up. Once this package is installed, the status and the workings of your business is available to you at all times.

The Admin. Control Centre is a must not only for small to bigger business, but especially critical for those 'one man' companies struggling to monitor and control their administrations.

Your investment to run your entire company from this Centre - R 5,000 all inclusive.

It will cost you nothing to call or email me to come out and demonstrate the power of the package to you.
You can raise me on my mobile: 082 797 1522

The Administrative Control Centre seen here below is an actual